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Your Fitness Consultation

Fitness Sunshine Coast The biggest step for people who are overweight, unfit or not used to exercising is to make the decision to start!  Once you take that first step you are well on you way to Making a Difference to your life.  We are confident that you will enjoy your fitness sessions with us, that we can help you to achieve your goals and that you will see real results.

At your initial consultation in Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast, we will assess your current level of fitness and health and we will discuss your own personal fitness goals and what you would like to achieve by using our services.  Some performance measurements are also taken so we can look back in a few weeks time to see how far you have come!   If all is okay with your health we will be able to get started on your fitness goals right away and do a practical session.

Your Fitness Session

Fitness training Sunshine CoastYour one-on-one personal training session is designed for you as an individual.  They are tailored to your fitness level and to help achieve your specific fitness goal.

Your Personal Trainer, Lee is there with you throughout the session making sure you are breathing correctly, have correct posture and are stretching appropriately.  Lee’s also a great motivator and helps you achieve your very best in a positive way (with no yelling or boot camp mentality).

Your fitness session will consist of resistance training, cardiovascular training or both and will be lots of fun!  We also ensure lots of variety in your training sessions so that you never get bored or tired of the same old workout!

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When We Are Not With You

We will also design a program for you to do between your sessions that is achievable and will help you to get to your fitness goal!  We can’t be with you all the time to help you reach your fitness goals, but we are only a phone call or email away if you need support or advice, in-between sessions.

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