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Personal Training:

“Lee has been my personal trainer for the past 2 ½ years. When I first met Lee he asked me if there was any particular exercise that I did not like and I said ‘I don’t run!’ Within a few months Lee had me running 4kms and, what’s more, enjoying running. My sessions with Lee are challenging and fun as Lee has a great sense of humour. He will safely push you further than you would yourself while ensuring that you use the correct technique for each exercise. Lee is patient, flexible and understanding when required. My fit teenage son also attends sessions with Lee to improve his strength, technique and posture. Choosing a great personal trainer like Lee is an investment in your health and wellbeing.”


“I’ve been going to Make a Difference Health & Fitness for personal training for several years now and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone!  When I first started going I was clasified as obese and was very unfit.  I was so unfit that a walk around the block on my first visit proved too much for me.   I have had a history of hating exercise and Lee has helped me turn this around to the point where I actually look forward to our weekly sessions.  I lead a pretty busy lifestyle and used this as an excuse for too many years.  I’ve seen a huge improvement in my fitness, weight, eating habits and also my attitude to exercise!  Lee & Maria really have made Made A Difference to my life!”


“After reaching the age of 53, I decided that all those years of leading the good life was catching up on me and that I had to start looking after myself, to get fitter and loose some weight! Even though in my younger days I was involved in the local footy team and knew what being fit was all about I needed some help to get me back there again. Seeing Lee’s advert in the local paper made me make the call that would start to reshape my quest to get fit again (as well as reshape my body as well)! Making that call was certainly a good move!  I train with Lee twice a week on Monday and Thursday. Monday is resistance training in the studio, and Thursdays are spent doing a cardiovascular session which can either be in the studio or outdoors.  In the weeks that I have been seeing Lee I can’t believe how far my strength has increased and how much fitter I have become, as well as loosing weight.   Another benefit of the personal training has been that my blood pressure has also started to lower and become a lot more stable. I remember on my first session telling Lee that I am not going to run.  Although Lee did not make me run, looking back on that statement I have to laugh because I am now running 5km almost non stop and actually feel really good for doing so! I would thoroughly recommend the services of Lee.  For only two hours a week it is a small amount of time spent to make a massive difference to your life and I am proof that you can start to turn back the years if you start looking after yourself. “



“I was very nervous about getting my kids, 3 and 5 years old, to swallow liquid fish oil! My son has just started school and I have found Maria’s practitioner brand fish oil helps him a lot with better focus. At first, my kids were pretty hesitant. We tried a capsule method, before we found one that they actually really like the liquid high quality pure fish oil. It goes down without complaint and no mixing with anything! They request their fish oil morning! I am very happy to be giving my kids the best quality fish oil on the market with no added sugars or preservatives.”

Mel B

“After making the big decision to do something about my weight and health, now that my kids are all at school, I didnt know where to start looking for that help. I decided that personal training was the only way I was going to achieve the goal I had set myself. I weighed up the cost of personal training in comparison to joining a gym but felt that to achieve my goals I needed that constant one-on-one support, encouragement and knowledge. I also felt that the quality of the session with a Personal Trainer would easily outweigh a half hearted attempt at the gym. I have also realised that Personal Training is not just for the rich & Famous, it can also be for the ‘normal’ person as well. I am always one to to support local businesses so Make a Difference was my first port of call – and as it turned out, the only one I needed to make. From the outset, Lee listened to my needs & desires and quickly came to conclusion that not only did I need physical personal training but I also needed coaching with my nutrition & health. So he put me onto his partner, Maria, a Naturopath. She also listened to my needs and goals and assisted in educating me towards better nutrition. Between Maria & Lee my physical & nutritional well-being has improved exponentially in a short space of time. I don’t believe that the results I have achieved so far would have been as high if it weren’t for the two fold approach. The Personal Training & Nutritionalist/Naturopath makes so much sense & works exceptionally well. I would not have any hesitation to recommend Make a Difference to any other person in the same situation. Thank you Lee & Maria, my life has changed for the better, thanks to all your support & encouragement.”


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